Meet Your New Fashion Blogger!

Here’s a little Q&A about your new fashion blogger.

  1. If you had to sum up your style in 2 words, what would they be?  smart, simple
  2. What is your favorite season for fashion? Fall! I just love all of the fall colors! Plus, growing up, it’s fall when you get to go shopping for all your new school clothes. so it’s been ingrained in me from an early age that fall = new clothes.  I also love wearing boots in the fall before it gets too cold leave the house without 1,000 layers and snow boots!
  3. If you only had $60 left in your “spending” account, what would you buy?  Without question, it would be shoes! My clothes are fairly simple, and I tend to use accessories, mostly belts, and shoes to make them unique. Shoes is the one thing I will splurge on…although truth be known, I enjoy being barefoot as much as possible. That will be our little secret, though!
  4. If you could only fill your closet with 2 colors, what would they be?  Can I keep my power suit? If so, I would say brown and ivory. You can pair just about any color to brown and ivory to make a new look, so I think that would be the most versatile.
  5. What is your biggest fashion faux pas? My hair! You can ask anyone who knows me – it’s almost always in a ponytail!
  6. Of all the life-changing topics out there, what made you decide to write about fashion? Fashion is something I enjoy and something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I decided a couple of years ago that it was finally time to decide what my style is and build on it. Before then, I bought a little bit of everything. Hippie? Sure! Professional? Why not? Athletic? Of course! Now, I try to keep my clothes smart and simple. Beyond just my own personal choice, I also associate shopping with my mom. She has always been a shopper and loves to find a bargain! I hope I absorbed some of her savvy shopper tips over the years!
  7. What do you want this blog to tell others about you?  Well, for starters, I guess that I am just like you! I have a real job, a real family, and real time commitments. I wake up late some mornings and have to rush to get ready. I have to dress for multiple events in one go. I have to look confident and professional at work yet friendly and approachable elsewhere. And like you, I have to do it all at once! I hope you will find inspiration from me, and if you join me on this blogging  journey, I hope I find inspiration from you!
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