One Piece, Three Ways: The Cardigan

I love a good cardigan.

Let that sink in a moment.

I love a good cardigan.

Cardigans are great pieces to add to your closet because they can completely change the look of out an outfit. This week, I am going to show you three styles with the same cardigan. I’ve chosen a simple teal piece as my starting point. See below.

For the first look, we are going to see how a simple teal cardigan can look preppy. Now, I realize “preppy” is not a stretch for a cardigan, but I love this look. It is great for casual day at the office or a weekend around town.

I paired the cardigan with a navy blue button up shirt that has a tiny floral print with pinks and greens. I then buttoned up the cardigan and added a skinny brown belt to complete the look. Throw on a pair of comfy jeans and shoes, and you are ready to go! What do you think?

Do you like the preppy look?

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One thought on “One Piece, Three Ways: The Cardigan

  1. I love a good cardi, too.

    You so pretty.

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