One Piece, Three Ways: The Cardigan

I started with the preppy look because it is one of the more obvious. Today’s look is also pretty obvious, but I often use cardigans in this way.

You know those pieces in your closet that you love to wear, but they just aren’t work appropriate? I add a cardigan to take them from social to professional.

For this example, I am using a spaghetti strap camisole with a vintage-looking floral print. The straps are lace, which makes this camisole super feminine. I actually have never worn this camisole without a cardigan over it. I’ve included a picture of the camisole below.

The camisole alone is not appropriate for most office settings, but add a cardigan and it is transformed into a more professional style.

One thing I like about this look for the office is that it makes me look polished and professional yet approachable. It has a sweetness to it that is often missing in work appropriate pieces.

Would you wear something like this to the office?

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