Photography Week: Christmas Card Pictures

Can’t decide what to wear for your Christmas card pictures? You’re not alone! It can be difficult to decide which picture to use on your Christmas cards, but it can be even more difficult if you are taking professional pictures just for that reason. Let’s face it. Whatever you decide to wear will be showing up all over the refrigerators of your friends’ and family’s houses. It will likely be in clear view for all to see at your friends’ and family’s holiday parties. You want to look great! You want to look stylish. You want to look like the best version of you!

So with all of this pressure, I’ve asked two photographers to share their thoughts on fashion and photography to help ease the burden. Visit SmartSavvyStyle this week to see what they have to say. In the meantime, to kick start our photography week, I thought I would share a couple of pictures of me and the hubs that are in the running for Christmas cards this year.

*realizes she only has 1 good pic of her and the hubs*

*insists that taking more pics will be her New Year’s resolution*

Seeing as how this is our only good picture together, some of you should consider it a preview of the actual card to come.

Do you stress about Christmas card pics?

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