Photography Week: Christmas Card Pictures

This week is photography week on SmartSavvyStyle! I’ve asked two photographers to share their thoughts on fashion and photography to help prepare you for any professional pictures you take, but especially for those Christmas card pictures that you may have scheduled in the near future!

Sherry Thomas of Synergy Photography

Today’s photographer is Sherry Thomas of Synergy Photography. Sherry is a dear friend of mine from college. She is full of life and laughter and passion for others. I think you see all of these elements in the pictures she captures.  Be sure to check out her website to see all of her amazing work.

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Guest Blogger: Sherry of Synergy Photography

Ok, so you picked out your photographer, scraped together money for the session fee, BEGGED your husband to take family pictures and laid out all the clothes for the kids, cat, dog, husband and now… the hard part. What will YOU wear?

I get this question from most of my families. What do we wear?? Do we all match? Should we all wear the same color?

Most of the time, the number one rule is to be comfortable! Especially for your kids and husband. It WILL show in your pictures if you have your kids in itchy (but beautiful) vests or sweaters or headpieces (hahahha, ok, not crowns, but you get the picture). And there are not many husbands I know that will fake it well in a three piece suit and tie. Except on the wedding day. 🙂

So, showcase your family’s style. Our family has five different styles! I LOVE to dress up, my husband hardly even wears shoes to work (he is a programmer, go figure), much less khakis. My little boy wants to wear shorts and a t-shirt every. single. day. My middle child wants to wear daisy dukes with blue tights under them and a shirt that has “Gatlinburg, TN” across a teddy bear. And then finally, my baby girl wants to wear full makeup and tiara to sleep. So, together we pick out something in the middle that will make them happy and won’t make me hang my head in shame to display on the mantle.

And there is no need to match! I usually will advise picking one person to wear a pattern. Use the colors in the pattern to help everyone else pick out their shirt, dress, or shoes! Or have everyone wear a solid, bright color.

But getting back to mom. I think momma always wants to look good so, after having to endure all the above mentioned chaos of dressing everyone, here are some tips that will help momma look her best on all the Christmas cards this year.

  1. Dress for your body type. I learned this at this year’s photo shoot. ALL I wanted was to wear a skinny belt!! Well, let me just say that I have an almost nonexistent waist and after trying every kind of shirt and belt combo, it occurred to me – this just isn’t going to work on my body! I dropped the belt and things turned out great!
  2. LAYER! For heaven’s sake, most mommas are not cut from the same cloth as those fashion runway models. I myself need a little help in the midsection area and have found layering to be helpful. Pair a ruffled, sleeveless top with a bold colored cardigan or a plain shirt with a wrap!
  3. If still in doubt, invest in a LONG, flowy shirt! You know, the kind that hits you a little below the chest line and then flows out? Shove yourself in some skinny jeans and a beautiful flowing top with some boots and no one will be the wiser.
  4. Get some sleep the night before. No matter how fantastic your wardrobe looks, if your eyes are blood-shot and have dark circles under them, you just won’t look pulled together. And while you’re at it, drink lots of water! You need to take care of yourself!
  5. Wear clothes that fit! Make sure you have on pants that are a good fit and that your shirt isn’t so low cut that when you bend over to cuddle with little Suzy, the photographer blushes. Ahahhaa
  6. TRY on your choice the night before. This one is mainly for me to remember. I think every time we schedule a shoot, I get up the day of and put on my pants and think “SOMEONE shrunk my jeans!!!” and then I run frantically through the house and laundry room looking for another pair. Guess who gets stressed…

I also like to put on 55 pair of Spanx, too. Can’t hurt, right?

Finally, just relax! Have fun knowing that you look great and your kids think that you hung the moon. They will want to look back and know that you loved them. NOT that you were America’s next top model.

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Contact Sherry for your session and enjoy 15% off when you mention Smart and Savvy Style!

Sherry Thomas
Synergy Photography
Birmingham, AL
synergyphoto.blogspot at gmail dot com

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Will you be wearing layers or flowy pieces in your pics this year?

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2 thoughts on “Photography Week: Christmas Card Pictures

  1. What a great post…not to mention my fav photographer!

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