Photography Week: Christmas Card Pictures

This week is photography week on SmartSavvyStyle. I’ve asked two photographers to share their thoughts on fashion and photography. These posts are intended to help you choose the perfect outfit for Christmas card pics this year! If you didn’t see the previous posts, definitely check them out!

Photo Courtesy of Gary Franklin Photography

Today’s guest blogger is Shannon Dale of Shannon Dale Photography. In the name of full disclosure, Shannon is the wife of my first cousin once removed (some might call it a second cousin, but after a debate with the hubs, I discovered this is the technical name for it. Thank you, Google.)


Shannon’s photography captures the best of nature and architecture while capturing the best of you and your family. Check out her website to see some beautiful examples of her work.

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Guest blogger: Shannon of Shannon Dale Photography

Hi, everyone!

My name is Shannon Dale, and I am a natural light photographer based in New Orleans, La.  I would like to start out by saying thank you to Heather for asking me to write a post for her blog- what an honor, girl!  🙂  When she asked me to write specifically about fashion in relation to my photography, I have to admit to a moment of inner freakout… I am not, after all, a fashion diva.  I know… total shocker.  Then, 5 deep breaths later, I realized that my clients ask all the time for advice on what to wear, and I can just share with you what I share with them!  Talk about freedom soaring in my soul with that epiphany…  I just want to preface it with the disclaimer that everyone has his/her own opinion about what looks good.  It varies client to client and photographer to photographer.  So my thoughts on the matter are just that, my humble thoughts.  Go out there and do some research, and when you find a photographer whose style matches yours, whom you trust implicitly to portray you artfully and beautifully,  THAT’S when you reach photographic nirvana.

As a natural light photographer, I tend to shoot primarily (though not exclusively) outdoors.  I view life through a lens and see amazing potential backgrounds everywhere.  It may be a rusty iron fence, the side of a house with peeling paint, or it may be gorgeous live oaks filled with trailing spanish moss.  When I go on location with a client, I begin with a plan of action, but it can change in a moment if I see some pretty light.  We go where the light is beautiful and the background is complimentary to what my client has chosen to wear.  The basic advice I give is this:  midtone neutrals will always be classic and will look good in most settings.  If you are being photographed with a group, you will want to complement each other without being matchy.  What does that mean?  Don’t go to Macy’s and buy 7 of the same peach colored shirts for everyone in your group.  Try to avoid competing patterns.  If one person wears a pattern, then perhaps the others could each choose to wear one solid from the pattern.  Additionally, it’s great to mix textures of fabrics to give more interest.

With ALLLLLLLL of that being said (here comes the but…), my philosophy of my art revolves around two beliefs.  Belief number 1:  you are beautiful as a person and my purpose is to capture you showing your true colors, your inner self.  There is nothing better than looking at a picture of someone who is genuinely laughing, or a new mom smiling with tears in her eyes as she gazes upon her precious baby, or a groom looking with awe at his beautiful but unaware bride.  Belief number 2: include some beautiful light and that makes everything look ten times more awesome.

How, you are probably asking at this point, is all of that germane to the original topic?  I am SO glad you asked!  Your photographs should portray YOU… how you dress should reflect your personality and your mood.  Have fun choosing your wardrobe for your shoot!  Your pictures should reflect who you are right now… because, let’s face it, you are in growth and will change a million times before this life is over.  When you find that photographer whom you trust with all your heart, he/she is never going to complain because you called and would like to schedule yet ANOTHER shoot.  We feed our souls AND our starving children by capturing your lives!

In that spirit, mention Smart and Savvy Style when scheduling your session and  receive 15% off of your session fee.  Live in Chicago, Hawaii, or Italy?  Not a problem- I LOVE to travel!

Thanks so much for your time… I hope someone finds this a little bit helpful!  😉

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Shannon Dale
Shannon Dale Photography

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Which outfit best represents who you are right now?

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