Christmas Card Pictures: From My Closet to Yours

I’m wrapping up photography week today, and I hope you found the advice of Sherry and Shannon helpful! For this “from my closet to yours” post, I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite color combinations at the moment, along with some pieces that I think Sherry and Shannon would approve of! Sherry and Shannon, correct me if I’m wrong!

I don’t like to be obviously Christmas-y, so I try to avoid red and green color combinations. But I do love each of these colors, so I’ve mixed and matched them other ways. Here are the color combos I’m loving right now.

Red and Purple

I first noticed this combination in the burnt red sunflowers my husband gave me a few weeks ago. I loved it immediately, but I have to admit, I was a little scared I would look like I belonged in the Red Hat Society. No offense to those of you who are in the Red Hats – I think you’re great! – but I think I’ve got a few years before I join you.

Here are a few items I found in the red and purple variety:

  • Red and purple colorblocked dress – INC at Macy’s here – even great for a Christmas party
  • Purple floral dress – Free People here – would love to see this paired with a red boyfriend cardigan
  • Red scarf – Jessica Simpson at Nordstrom here – love the barely there hint of purple

And here’s what I pulled together from my own closet:

I took two solid tops, one purple 3/4 length shirt and one red tank top, and paired them together. I added a scarf with reds and blues and pinks to give the look a little character. I was headed to work this day, so I paired it with khakis, but I think this look would be even better with jeans!

Lime Green

I love lime green! I love it any time of year, but I think it is a great option for the holidays. It brings life to your holiday colors! My one piece of advice for lime green – wear it in small doses. A touch of lime goes a long way!

Here are a few items I found that fit the bill for lime green:

  • Green ruffle scarf – Echo at Zappo’s here – love the ruffle
  • Teardrop necklace – 2028 at Macy’s here – just big enough to make a statement
  • Leather belt – Chico’s here – an easy addition to almost any outfit

And here’s how I incorporated lime green from my closet:

I found an old green striped scarf belt from The Limited in my closet. It isn’t big enough to wear on its own as a scarf, but it was the perfect addition to this lime green scarf. I twisted them together and paired them with a solid black dress and charcoal gray leggings!


I’m not sure what it is, but I love blues and silver at the holidays. I ask those of you who knew me as a child and witnessed our blue Christmas lights not to judge me here. But blue just reminds me of the holidays!

So here are a couple of blue items you can try this year:

  • Navy blouse – Antonio Melani at Dillard’s here – flowy yet fitted at the waist
  • Casual sleeveless dress – Ann Taylor Loft here – a bright blue
  • Light blue tunic – Converse at Target here – a nice, structured look

And here is the blue piece I chose from my closet:

I love this light blue button up from The Limited. I wear it a lot to work with a belt around the waist, but for the weekend, I like to let it hang loosely on me for a more casual look. I paired it with black leggings, oatmeal socks, and black boots.

Note: I cannot be blamed for my hair in the above picture. It was windy that day.

Which colors do you like best this year?

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