Dos and Don’ts: Monochromatic Color Schemes

This week, I am sharing my personal tips for wearing monochromatic colors. As a refresher, my first tip was to start with a color you are comfortable with, such as gray. I have two more tips to go!

Tip #2: Choose shades that are obviously different.

While the point is to wear one color, you are allowed to play with the shades to add interest. I’ve found that if I wear two shades that are too close to the same color, I just look like I tried to match…unsuccessfully! By choosing shades that are obviously different, I am telling the world that I meant to wear two shades of the same color together. It boosts my confidence, and every outfit looks better when you wear it confidently. Here’s an example where I used two very different shades of pink:

I chose a fuschia pink button-up shirt and a light, dusty pink corduroy jacket. I had on Coach tennis shoes (that’s southern for sneakers) that day, but I would actually love to see this outfit with something more fun, like leopard print flats.

What do you think about pairing very different shades of the same color?

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