Jeans: From My Closet to Yours

From T-Pain admiring apple bottom jeans to Conway Twitty singing baby’s got her blue jeans on, I think we can confidently say jeans are a part of our culture. But I think the Zac Brown Band says it best in their song Chicken Fried:

You know I like my chicken fried
A cold beer on a Friday night
A pair of jeans that fit just right
And the radio up

Jeans should fit just right, and since jeans come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, I thought I would share a few brands that offer a wide variety. But I would also like to hear from you about the jeans that you like, the jeans that fit you just right. 🙂

  • American Eagle jeans available here
  • Calvin Klein jeans available here
  • Gap jeans available here
  • Joe’s Jeans available here
  • Lane Bryant jeans available here
  • True Religion jeans available here

When picking out jeans for myself, I always look for a couple of key features. First, I look for length. I am tall and have long legs, so I typically require a brand that offers longer lengths. Second, I look at cut. I have to decide if I am looking for skinny jeans, boot cut, or flare. This usually just depends on what I have in my closet and what I need to add. Third, I look at fit. I have to try on my jeans, and the key here – spin around do a few minor exercises in front of the mirror. The jeans have to fit me everywhere. I have to be able to bend down, squat, walk, twist, etc. I also have to make sure they fit in the butt. I’m a little bit lacking in that area, so I have to make sure they aren’t saggy back there. They can’t be too loose or too tight because let’s face it, if they are, I won’t wear them once I get them home! So those are my requirements for jeans being added to my closet.

On that note, I thought I would also ask you guys about Levi’s jeans. They have come out with something relatively new. It’s called the Curve ID Fit Finder. The fit finder lets you choose the shape of your waist and the size of your rump, and it lets you identify some basic fit issues that you might have. Then, based on that information, it recommends a particular fit for your body type. Me? I’m a Slight Curve. I haven’t tried on any of the jeans yet, but I’ll be interested to see how they fit! Have you tried the Fit Finder? What did you think?

Will you be adding any new jeans to your closet?

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4 thoughts on “Jeans: From My Closet to Yours

  1. Karen Jinks on said:

    I love reading your blogs Heather!

  2. Danielle on said:

    I’ve always had a ton of success with Levi’s jeans too. I’m a little curvier and have trouble finding jeans that fit around my legs/backside and aren’t too big around the waist. Levi’s have been great, and the price is actually pretty reasonable. I just bought a pair of skinny jeans for $65. Not too bad considering some of the prices I’ve seen

    • I thought I remembered you saying you’d used the Levi’s Curve ID Fit Finder before. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a pair of Levi’s, but I’m looking forward to trying on a pair that meets the Slight Curve standard. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your new skinny jeans!

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