Party Planning Week: Holiday Parties

It’s that time of year! Everyone’s calendars are filling up with party after party. You may have even planned to host one yourself! What now? Today, I’ve asked my friend Danielle, who has experience throwing fun holiday parties, to share some of her best tips for planning and hosting a party. And, of course, I asked her to share a little about what she plans to wear!

Danielle and her boyfriend John have hosted holiday parties for the past 3 years. She is going to share some of the exciting plans she made for this year’s party!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  1. My decorating and fashion style would probably be considered casual and eclectic.  I like mixing old and new in my home and in my wardrobe.  I like putting together items that initially might not seem to fit, but that actually link through a common color, theme, or key feature.  Plus, I am a casual person who wants everyone to feel at ease around me and in my home.  For that reason, I decided to go with casual attire, but dress up the event with nicer appetizers, wine glasses, and decorations.  I think casual parties with thoughtful touches that add class make for a welcoming atmosphere and set the tone for a fun evening.
  2. When preparing food and drinks, I try to keep things simple for myself.   We will have beer and wine, and two signature drinks.  This year we are going with a cranberry/orange gin and tonic and hot chocolate and Bailey’s.  The hot chocolate will be kept in a warm crockpot on the counter.  I will make up a large batch of the gin drink before the party and people can help themselves.  I will make two types of Christmas cookies the day before the party.  I will also put together small sandwiches and bruschetta that will be served during the party (for both the meat-eaters and vegetarians).  All of these things require no serving utensils and can be prepared beforehand so I can enjoy my party too!
  3. I always try to come up with one creative idea that will make the party particularly memorable.  This year, we’ve decided to create a makeshift photo booth.  We strung up a backdrop against a window and bought a bunch of funny hats, boas, and sunglasses that people can put on while taking pictures.  I haven’t yet worked out all of the logistics quite yet (this is my boyfriend’s project tomorrow morning), but I think it will be a hit!
  4. As for my wardrobe, I plan on wearing some skinny black jeans, black riding boots, and a silver top.   I also have a 60-year old bracelet of my grandmother’s that is from the country of Siam (now Thailand).  My grandfather got it for her when he was traveling in the late 1940’s.  It is silver and black and one of my favorite and unique pieces.  I think it will go well with my outfit.  To spice things up, I bought some bright red lipstick that I plan to wear (though I’m not quite used to seeing myself in dark lipstick since I don’t wear it very often).  But it’s the holidays and time to celebrate, so I am going to go for it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have you considered setting up a photo booth at your holiday party?

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2 thoughts on “Party Planning Week: Holiday Parties

  1. Love the photo booth idea!

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