Bargain Buy: Silk and Cashmere Cardigan

Raise your hand if you like to go shopping the day after Christmas…

Ooo, ooo! Pick me! I do! I do!

I found a lot of amazing deals the day after Christmas, and today’s bargain buy is one of them. It’s a silk and cashmere cardi from Gap. Originally, it was $79.95. When I bought it, it was marked down to $25.99, and I got an additional 20% off (if memory serves correctly – I never received my e-receipt). So, and I’m testing my math skills here, the total came to about $20 and some change. That’s $60 in savings! Plus, I used a gift card…so it was free to me!

Raise your hand if you’d turn down a deal like that?


Exactly! I had to make it mine! So here it is…

What deals did you find the day after Christmas?

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4 thoughts on “Bargain Buy: Silk and Cashmere Cardigan

  1. Love it! You look awesome! xoxo

  2. Cute post! Beautiful! ♥♥♥


    Linda from

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