Winter Wear: Gloves

These may not be the most stylish gloves. They may not be the warmest gloves. But they are, by far, the most functional gloves I’ve ever owned. (Thanks, Mrs. Claus!)

They are the e-tip (not sure of the technical term) gloves that you can use with your smart phone! No freezing fingers for me!

Would you wear e-tip gloves in winter?

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2 thoughts on “Winter Wear: Gloves

  1. I saw those gloves for the first time this year and I desperately want a pair!

    • They were a Christmas stocking surprise for me, and I love them! They work better for some things than others (e.g., when I’m scrolling on Twitter, it wants to open every single tweet but I think it’s just overly sensitive right now). But they are absolutely awesome for checking train times, calling the hubs to let him know i”m headed home, etc.

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