Fitness Friday

So far, on fitness Fridays, we’ve heard from a personal trainer in Chicago, as well as a young woman’s battle and her CrossFit journey. Today, we’re going to hear from Lauren Johnsey. Lauren is a college friend who focuses her energy specifically on running.  Lauren has run three full marathons and dozens of half marathons, yet she’s still a lover of the 10k. She’s joining us today to share her thoughts on running and great fitness gear!

A new year has just begun, and I can’t think of anything more fun than running.  Running is an exercise that doesn’t require a lot of necessary items or skills.  You simply put on your running shoes, shorts, tank, and  for the ladies, a good sports bra.

To begin, I recommend going to your local running shop for advice regarding shoes.  Sure, the larger athletic stores have running shoes, but they don’t have detailed customer service to ensure you’re wearing the proper shoe.  At my local running shop (The Trak Shak), the guys will spend time watching you walk with and without your shoes on to see what type support you’ll need.  Always remember, the most expensive shoe isn’t always the best!  I wear Nike Lunar Glide; not only are the great for my foot, but they are awesome looking and always in great colors!  

The next item on the ladies list, a great sports bra.  They also come in many shapes and sizes.  When picking out the one for you, make sure the get “a high impact” bra.  I find that those are best for running (and reduce bouncing).  I have so many, but no favorite.  Pick one that fits best for you and doesn’t move.  I often find myself “jogging” in the dressing room to ensure no moving! (I’m sure the sales associates are wondering what I’m doing in there). 

When is comes to running clothes, just find what’s comfortable for you. I always like Nike products.  The Tempo running shorts are the most popular in the US; they come in a variety of colors. They also have the built in briefs, which are great if you sweat like me!

Racer back tanks are my favorite!  It is a flattering cut on everyone and shows off your arms and back (not to mention you get a little sun too). Once again, find one that fits you and makes you comfortable.  I love Lululemon’s tanks; they come in a variety of styles to fit every body!  

They can be a little pricy, but worth every penny!  I also love Lululemon’s shorts and pullovers; although my wallet does not always agree :). They do have a sale rack, and if your like me, you watch items until they are marked down. Unfortunately at Lululemon, they don’t always have a lot of one size, so if you really want it, you have to go ahead and buy it at regular price. (My wallet really hates this)!

My friends laugh because I always say “cuter clothes make me run faster and better”.  No matter what you wear, just remember to have fun!  Also remember, you’re faster than the people sitting on the couch!

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
-John Bingham

My mom and I after a race (both in Lululemon tanks)

Like what you read? Cheer Lauren on as she runs the Mercedes half marathon in February. Read about the race here.

What motivates you to run?

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

  1. I love my Nike running skirt! It has cute style with comfort! I love the running tights that are attached underneath for added comfort and no “flashing” while stretching! 🙂 for winter I use their long running tights sans skirt.
    Another item to spend some money on are good running socks! Makes all the difference in the world!
    Feeling cute is a definite plus in your running and I do believe it does make you run faster! So I agree with your statements regardless if it’s actually true or not!

    • Oh, thanks for the recommendation on running tights! I’m not used to this cold weather business, and don’t own any cold weather running gear! I ran a 5k on Turkey Day in shorts and froze!

      I will make sure Lauren sees that you agree about cute gear making your run better! 🙂 She will love it!

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