Fitness Friday

It’s Fitness Friday! Words cannot express how much I enjoy fitness Fridays. Last week, you (hopefully) read Lauren’s guest post and learned that she believes cute workout clothes make you a better runner. Argue this concept if you must, but I think she could make a case about cute clothes building confidence and confidence boosting drive, hence better running. That is my (non) scientific explanation for this assertion. Do you agree?

Well, today, we’re going to take this fitness journey even further. Meet my friend Sara Daum. Sara is a triathlete. Oh yeah, that’s right. I said it. And we are going there.

wet suit, much?

Sara started running about 5 years ago and started her triathlon training just over 1 year ago. She trains with the Anniston Runners Club Tri Team  and is currently training for a half-Iron distance triathlon, which includes a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride, and a 13.1 mile run. How’s that for a workout?

Impressed yet? Well, it gets better. Sara wants to share a few things she’s learned from her triathlon training:

Things I’ve learned from triathlon:

Adapt.  Nothing will go exactly the way you plan, whether it’s the pool unexpectedly closing or a drink bottle spilling during a race, so be ready with Plan B and a good attitude.  You’ll be surprised how many other people “blow up” when something goes wrong.

Eating peanut-butter cream filled doughnuts for dinner the night before a hard race is a bad idea.  Trust me on this one.

Consistency is key.  Improvement doesn’t happen that one day you go out and kill it in training, it happens through all those days you work steadily.

You are awesome, every single time you get your ass out of the house and onto the road, into the pool, or into the gym.  Race day is great, but it takes a lot of courage to leave the house to go train when it’s cold /windy/dark/hot/rainy or your cat is just snuggling so sweetly right in your lap and how could you possibly disturb him?!

It never gets any easier.  That same hill you’ve been cursing since the first time you went up it will always feel hard, and “long run” day is an epic journey every week, whether it’s the first time you run a whole mile or the fifth time you run 20.  Know what though?  If it feels easy then your body doesn’t have to adapt, which means you’re not getting anything out of it…so feeling challenged is a good thing.

Conversely, you’ll be astounded to discover one day that a short run really *can* be relaxing and fun!

Did you know there are special products just to help with that rubbing between your thighs?  Well now you do, and you’ll be a million times happier if you use the stuff.  (P.S., I don’t care how skinny you are, everyone chafes.)

Go slower most of the time.  Your body needs a challenge, but at least at first it will get a lot more out of slowing down and going farther than if you sprint for 5 minutes and keel over dead.

Yes, you look ridiculous in the neon-yellow shirt and hot pink shoes but you’re also much less likely to be hit by a car, so suck it up!

Don’t compare yourself to others.  I’m as competitive as anyone (can I tell you about my plan to smoke that woman who beat me at the short-course duathlon last year?) but there will always be someone faster than you.  Sorry to say, it’s usually a shriveled old lady that looks like she just crawled out of a crypt or the big guy you thought was there to sell hot dogs – apparently genetics are really important.  Compare your results to last year, two months ago, or your very first race/event and you’ll be able to see your real progress.

People are basically kind and helpful.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions of any sporty person you’d like to emulate!  Join your local running group or triathlon club—even if you’re totally new to the sport.  You’ll find company and good advice during group workouts.  Sometimes they’ll even share their beer with you post-ride. 

Finally, “Consider the possibility that your limits may not be what you think they are.” – Chrissie Wellington, Ironman world record holder and all-around incredible person. You don’t know what you’re capable of until you try, and even then I suggest you try it once, train some more, then try again just to be sure. You’ll amaze yourself, I promise!

I love that when I ask someone to guest post, I never know what I’m going to get. I love that each guest post is different. Some are serious, some are fun, some are funny. I can agree or disagree. I can relate. I can laugh or cry. I can dream.

And you can too.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed so far. If you want to contribute, please let me know. Thanks to those of you who read and comment on these posts. If you have something to share, please share it. We are all in this together.

Would you ever run a triathlon?

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6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

  1. Stephanie on said:

    Wonderful post, it is very inspirational. My favorite line is “You are awesome, every single time you get your ass out of the house and onto the road, into the pool, or into the gym.”

  2. Thanks for letting me write for you today Heather! I love your comment at the end about dreaming. I think we all need to do just a bit more of that.

    Glad it inspired you, Stephanie.

  3. Mallory on said:

    Loved this Fitness Friday post! Very inspirational! I am training for a 5k which is like a marathon for me, but I have to start somewhere.

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