Dressing for Your Body: Pear Shapes

A reader requested that I write about dressing for your body, and I’m so glad she did. a) it pushed me outside of my comfort zone b/c while I’ve not always been the size I am now, I have always had the same body shape. b) I love to hear from readers, answer questions, and provide helpful information. c) I believe no matter what your goals are, you have to dress for your body the way it is now.

So we’re going to kick off this week with the pear shape. Are you excited? Yeah? Ok, let’s do this.


A pear shape is identifiable by a smaller waist resting on wider hips. It is important to note that pear shapes vary in actual size. A person can be thin, average, or overweight, and still be a pear shape. It is about shape, not size. And, a lot of women fall into the pear shape category.

The key to dressing any shape is to play up your best assets. In this case, it’s probably your waist, so make sure whatever you put on doesn’t hide your midsection.

When choosing pieces for your lower half, look for options that are loose fitting and don’t bring a lot of attention where you don’t want it. Don’t think baggy; think tailored.

Then, to balance the wider hips, add focus up top. You can do this with color, cut, or shape. You will just want to make sure what you wear is proportional to your hips.

For specific fashion ideas for pear shapes, from halter tops to pleats, check out this slideshow from Marie Claire:





If you’re a pear shape, I want you to share with methis week! Stop by my Facebook page, and tell me about the best outfits for your body! If you can, post pictures. Show others that you’re proud of your shape and that you know what works for your body.

What styles do you think work best for pear shapes?

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