Bargain Buy: Silver and White Necklace

For some reason, my brain is currently thinking in lists and is refusing to put together complete sentences, so today’s post might just have to be in list format. I apologize in advance…

  1. Laundry
  2. Grocery shopping

Sorry, wrong list. Let’s try this again…

  1. I always seem to buy jewelry, specifically necklaces, at bargain prices.
  2. Said necklaces are almost always from Target for some reason – proximity, perhaps?
  3. I want to rename this post category from bargain buys to smart and savvy buys. Any objections?
  4. Oh, you want to actually see a picture of this silver and white necklace?

I see.

Ok, fine. Here it is.

It’s a little hard to see on the khaki background that I use for these bargain – ahem, smart and savvy – pictures, but I hope you can see how cute it is. I actually paid full price for this necklace, only because I don’t have anything like it. There were two necklaces that I liked on the clearance rack, but I had similar colors and styles. So, I paid a few dollars extra to get one unique to my collection.

Smart and Savvy Necklace: approximately $15 at Target

Do you have a go to place for smart and savvy buys?

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