Winter Blues

Do you ever get the winter blues? It usually happens this time of year. Spring is right around the corner, and reminders are everywhere, including that pesky little swimsuit section that is popping up in stores all over! You want to be excited about the warm weather and sandy beaches in your future, but alas, there is still snow and ice and slush on the ground. You still cannot leave your house without a scarf and jacket and boots. Why, Spring, must you tempt us this way?

What’s that?

You don’t ever feel that way?


I don’t believe you.

Personally, I am haunted by the winter blues in February. It is one long, short month. So this week, I thought I would share some winter blues outfits and include a tip in each post for fighting those winter blues.

Winter Blues Outfit #1:

I have no idea where my shoes were in this picture, but at least you know, my socks matched my outfit. 🙂

For this look, I paired a navy floral button-up with a pale blue sweater. It is a classic look that is easy to throw on if you’re running low on time thanks to the warmth of your bed winning out over the dreary weather looming outside your window.

Winter Blues Tip #1:

  • Take lots of bubble baths. They are warm and relaxing, the complete opposite of the ice-y mess outside. You can also use this time to daydream, make plans or to do lists, read (if you’re brave), or eat popcorn. Ok, so eating popcorn might not be recommended, but still, you can absolutely multi-task while relaxing in the bath, and the best part is, it’s still relaxing!

Do you get the winter blues?

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2 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. Love the phrase, “It’s one long short month.” Nicely played.

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