Outfit of the Day: Red Pants

Red pants are all the rage. Skinny ones, especially. I love them. I want them. But, honestly, I can’t wear them to work. So, for this look, I styled a pair of work-appropriate red pants instead.

I probably should have named this post, Red Pants and a Puppy, no? Love him!

Do you wear red pants to work?

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8 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Red Pants

  1. Two (maybe 3) closet purges ago I got rid of my red dress pants thinking they would never be useful again. Clearly I do not have a future in fortune telling.
    Yours look great and have me feeling nostalgic for my old pair! Happy Monday to you.

  2. Love those red pants! I *almost* bought a pair on sale. Kind of regretting that I didn’t now. Where did you get yours?

  3. I just bought a pair of red pants FINALLY. But I like your wider leg style. So cute. And hi puppy!!

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