Style Tip: Mixing Patterns

Happy Thursday! After a couple of style tips for mixing patterns, I hope you’re feeling comfortable enough to give it a try! So far, we’ve talked about mixing patterns with similar colors, as well as using leopard print to accent other patterns.

Are you ready for the next style tip?



style tip #3: mix patterns or colors that you see together in the world around you.

Let me explain. If you were to take a look outside your window, what would you see? Perhaps, you live in an urban environment and see lots and lots of buildings. Brick buildings, stucco buildings, etc. If so, you can probably see that red (brick) and ivory (stucco) can work together. Knowing that, you can easily choose a red pattern and an ivory pattern to mix.

Maybe you have a beautiful flower garden. If so, you might see the bright colors of your flowers next to the greens of the grass or the browns in the dirt. Using this information, you can easily mix florals with green or brown patterns.

And that’s exactly what I did for this look:

And, now you know what my flip flops look like too. 🙂

Need more inspiration before you commit to mixing patterns? Follow my Pretty in Patterns board on Pinterest.

What other guidelines do you use when mixing patterns?

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2 thoughts on “Style Tip: Mixing Patterns

  1. I generally try to mix up the types of patterns I mix. {So, a floral with a stripe. A polka dot with a print.} When I’ve tried to mix patterns that are alike {2 stripes} it doesn’t work as well.

    Of course, Bee from Atlantic/Pacific blew this theory out of the water a couple of weeks ago with her mixed stripes… 🙂

    • The key is to be comfortable in what you’re wearing, so if you aren’t comfortable in double stripes (for example), it’s not worth wearing it. Should a person try things on that push them outside their comfort zone? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean they should suffer through the self-consciousness that comes with a totally new look.

      That said, I agree about doubling up on the same pattern. It looks great on some, but I don’t love it on me.

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