Outfit of the Day: Plaid and Denim

I get the feeling that winter is leaving us in the dust, so I thought I should share this outfit before the cool weather runs out. I wore this to a dinner in downtown Chicago.  I am intrigued at how it looks slightly stuffy, stylish, and cute all at once. Maybe stuffy wasn’t the right word there….

Beyond just being a good outfit for the night out, it also gave me an excuse to wear these boots again before winter is over. Win, win.

Are you getting a final use out of your cold weather gear?

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4 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Plaid and Denim

  1. I love the denim blazer.
    I was actually thinking last night about getting last uses out of winter clothing! Kinda fun to have Spring just around the corner.

    • Thank you! And yes, you should definitely get a few final uses out of those winter clothes! You will probably get the chance to wear the occasional sweater or jacket again before the warm weather is here to stay, but I’m not counting on many cold weather days!

  2. Super cute outfit! Lovin’ the look!!!! 🙂

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