Dressing for Your Shape: Large Bust

At a special request from a college friend, I’m posting this week on dressing a large bust. It won’t take a second glance at any of my outfit photos to realize that I do not personally fall into this category, but I’ve been doing some research and have some tips to share. 🙂 If you agree or disagree, let me know! I don’t claim to be an expert in this area, and I would love to hear from you!

Tip #1: Choose the right tops.

Easier said than done?

Perhaps. I have no idea.

But this is what I’ve read about choosing tops to fit a large bust.

  • Avoid high neck tops that cover you up completely.
  • Choose a v-neck or scoop neck that hits at the top of your cleavage, no lower.
  • Avoid tops that are too big, loose, or boxy.
  • Wear tops that fit, even if that means tailoring.

There are a lot of tips out there that seem to contradict one another, so I’m guessing the actual key to choosing the right tops is trial and error.  Would you agree?

How do you choose tops for a large bust?



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8 thoughts on “Dressing for Your Shape: Large Bust

  1. thanks for posting this!!! always hard to find a nice top that fits well when you are top heavy 🙂

  2. Look for pieces with structure, try EVERYTHING on, and first and foremost get properly fitted and invest in a good bra! It really is all about the neckline. What I’ve found is it’s also important to dress in proportion to your torso. Some tops and blazers look like they’re flattering, but hit me in the wrong place in the torso, thus shortening instead of lengthening. Basically, I rarely can blindly buy something, and I also rarely online shop at stores I’ve never been. It makes life a little more difficult, but you’re right – trial and error is key!

  3. styledelights on said:

    I agree with avoid tight turtle necks, they put focus on the bust! A good fitting bra (no spilling sideways in the cups!) is very important! Good post!

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