Industry Interview: Arlene Goldstein, VP of Trend Merchandising and Fashion Direction at Belk

Uplifting.  This is the word that echoes in my mind as I daydream about my interview with Arlene Goldstein, Vice President of Trend Merchandising and Fashion Direction at Belk*, a southern department store.

description of spring trends? uplifting and optimistic color

the addition color provides your wardrobe? the uplifting element

the friendly, flowing conversation with Alrene Goldstein? uplifting

When I received the spring trends preview packet from Belk, I was elated. As I read through the email and realized I had been invited to interview the VP of Trend Merchandising and Fashion Direction, I was ecstatic.

A few days later, I was officially on Ms. Goldstein’s calendar.

The call was brief, the impact infinite.

And today, I’m providing you with a summary of our conversation – all about spring trends!

  • Belk defines itself as a store for the southern lifestyle. Which spring trend do you think best represents the southern image?

The overall campaign is “bright now.” And, it’s what Ms. Goldstein called the “return of bold color.” She talked about the southern woman’s affinity for color and how uplifting and optimistic the bright, bold colors are. She discussed the trends of color on color, colorblocking, and the bold colored shoe. The press materials I received call these bright colors “provocative and sensational.” Call them what you will, they are easy to love and hard to miss!

[Donna Morgan one shoulder colorblock dress via Belk]

  • Which spring trend do you think will appeal most to a woman in her 20s? 40s? 60s?
The interesting thing Ms. Goldstein pointed out during this part of the conversation was how versatile this year’s trends are. A woman of any age can wear these trends. It’s all a matter of interpretation. As an example, she mentioned that she and her 30-year old daughter might wear the same style pants in a completely different way. The trends enable you to be as “classic” or “adventurous” as you want to be.
[Miss Me pink skinny jean with Willow & Clay crochet knit top via Belk]
  •  If a woman can only justify adding one new trend to her closet this spring, which trend do you recommend and why?
Without hesitation, Ms. Goldstein replied, “color!” I actually wrote this down in all caps. Apparently, it was important to me too. 🙂 She loves the idea of color as an accessory, as the “wow” factor, and the uplifting element to your wardrobe. Not sure which color? She mentioned that coral is the #1 color of the season!
[Jessica Simpson “Bede” open toe D’orday platform pump via Belk]
 And I’ll leave you with this piece of advice from Arlene Goldstein: find your comfort zone and step outside it just a bit!
In honor of my call with Ms. Goldstein, I am posting about Belk this week. Come back tomorrow to learn more about these spring trends and to see my favorite trends from the spring preview packet! And come back on Thursday to learn how your designs could end up in Belk stores! 

*Let’s talk about fashion with a capital “F.” After all, fashion has never been of greater interest to so many. More people than ever are aware of fashion as a part of everyday life. In this digital age, there is instant access to all forms of ever-changing media: the internet, the blogosphere, Twitter, magazines and television. Belk is on it. We understand “Modern. Southern. Style.” like no one else and have an extraordinary way of bringing runway to real way. [quoted from the Belk press release]

Do you agree with Alrene Goldstein’s comments about this year’s spring trends?

Note: all images via the Belk spring preview packet.

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