Trend Alert: Floral Tops

Floral is a big trend this season, and I’ve been wanting to share it with you…so when Marion from Marionberry Style proposed a trend of the month challenge with floral prints, I was super excited to participate! In fact, I decided to dedicate this week to floral prints!

So, I have to know: have you purchased any floral yet? If not, what’s your hold up? Are you afraid it’s a little too feminine or girly? Are you not sure which pieces are right for you? Leave a comment and let me know your feelings about floral below!

In the meantime, I wanted to show you a couple of floral tops I have and how floral can have completely different looks!

Don’t let the denim fool you. This look is completely professional. Can’t wear jeans in the office? Pair with your favorite slacks. Throw on a cardigan even. This floral button-up is the perfect addition to the professional’s wardrobe.

I love that this look is completely different than the first. This top has a graphic floral print on one side. Its light pink color gives it a soft, sweet look, perfect for the girly girl.

So, did you decide? Are you into floral?

Check out my Flower Power pin board on Pinterest, and come back tomorrow for more floral options! Plus, see my entry for the Trend of the Month Challenge challenge!

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4 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Floral Tops

  1. Sarah on said:

    I’m not huge into floral but it really is so pretty. I especially love your second top!

  2. Your floral tops are too cute! I don’t think I own any floral. I’m too afraid of looking like a chair in some grandmother’s attic but your prints don’t look like that at all! You’ve inspired me. I especially like the second look. Is that a blazer in your hand? It’s adorable!

    • Just be picky and wait until you find one you like. I just picked up the second top recently from Kohl’s and love it. I am carrying a blazer. It’s typically perfect weather for it this time of year!

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