One Piece, Three Ways: The Striped Shirt

I recently picked up a Ralph Lauren black and white striped shirt at Belk. A striped shirt might be one of the most versatile pieces you could add to your closet right now. Stripes are very “in” and they can be styled into just about any look.

Today’s look is professional, but I suppose that actually depends on your office environment. If you can wear a hot pink pleated skirt to work, consider it professional. If not, I would recommend swapping out this skirt with a pencil skirt (in a fun color if you can get away with it).

Check out some other great ideas on my stripe style pin board on Pinterest.

Do you have a striped shirt that you wear to work? How do you style it?

Update: So, the strangest thing just happened. I was browsing through my Pinterest pin boards and realized I pinned an outfit almost identical to this one a “way long time ago” as Pinterest puts it. Now, typically, when I find inspiration (or pinspiration), I don’t replicate an entire outfit. Maybe I am drawn to a color combination or a pattern. Maybe I fall in love with the style or cut of a dress. But I don’t like to recreate the same look as someone else. Well, consider me unintentionally uncreative with this one. I look almost just like the pinned photo! All the way down to my shoes! I am still a little in shock here. I can barely remember what I wore yesterday, much less what I pinned a way long time ago. But, in true blogger spirit, I thought I should at least point you to my accidental inspiration! …except that there isn’t a permalink. So, next best thing, I’ll point you to the blog itself. 🙂 Meet Lilly, my muse? My blogger soulmate? My pinspiration.

Bloggers, has this ever happened to you? Am I alone in my unintentional uncreativity?

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8 thoughts on “One Piece, Three Ways: The Striped Shirt

  1. Love this look! You just gave me an idea for a new outfit 🙂

  2. Love the stripes!! And, that skirt goes with everything, too.

  3. I love the striped shirt with the pleated pink skirt! I never would have thought to put the 2 together, looks fab!

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