Style Tip: Choosing Color

If you were given a choice between two shirts that are exactly the same cut and style but one was teal and one was coral, which would you choose? Why? 

If you chose teal, what colors would you immediately consider mixing with it?
If you chose coral, what colors would you want to stay away from?

These are the questions we are going to look at this week…because this week, it’s all about color inspiration!

Now, many people would probably give you a long, drawn out, complicated explanation about the color wheel, complementary colors, accent colors, etc. You should know by now that I am not that person. Dressing well shouldn’t require you to learn all the “rules” of fashion. It should empower you to make your own decisions based on what you like and what you’re comfortable in. That’s not to say these rules aren’t important. They just aren’t essential to dressing fabulous.

What is essential to dressing fabulous? Inspiration.

If you can’t pull up a visual rolodex of your clothes in your mind and mix and match things perfectly without ever opening your closet doors, shame on you. Okay, not really. That’s normal! But you can find color inspiration everywhere and apply it to your wardrobe every time you do open your closet doors.

So, where do you find your color inspiration?

Today, we’re going to look at one of the easiest places to find color inspiration – your closet!

These are all items that are apart of my wardrobe. Do you see all the colorful patterns? By looking at these patterns and choosing similar color schemes, I can create numerous outfits from other pieces that I have. And, lucky for me, the designers of my inspiration pieces did all the work when it comes to matching the perfect colors together!

Take, for example, this colorful inspiration dress:

Based on the color scheme in this dress, I was able to pull together these pieces from my closet:

This outfit is super preppy, eh? Turquoise polo style shirt, lime green cardigan, and khaki and cream striped shorts. Do you see how I used the inspiration dress to create a new outfit? And I can put these pieces on with confidence!

Do you think you can find inspiration in your closet?

If you do, please share your photos on the SmartSavvyStyle facebook page!

Plus, follow my color inspiration pin board on Pinterest for tons of inspiration!

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4 thoughts on “Style Tip: Choosing Color

  1. Great post lady! If I had the choice between teal and coral I’d be like “where’s the black?!”. I tend to shy away from colors for the most part 🙂 I love the preppy outfit you created with the teal and lime though!

    • haha! that’s funny, Sarah! I think there is always a time and a place for black just like there is for color! I do a lot of black and brown to tone colors down for work. Thanks for stopping by!

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