Style Tips: Wearing White

All right, ladies. It’s time to talk about those pesky undergarments. I have so many opinions about these things, it’s not even funny!

Tip #3: Wear the right undergarments.

So, first thing’s first. White is not nude. If you wear a white bra under a white shirt, we can all see it. You might think you’re safe choosing white to go underneath white, but you are not, my friends! Your undergarments should be a similar shade as your skin tone!

Second, wear the slip {or camisole}. I’m not talking the slip of days past. I’m talking a slip that offers smooth lines and full coverage. Check out these options at Kohl’s.

So, I have to know if you are as passionate about the right undergarments as I am!

What do you wear underneath the white pieces in your closet?

Click here to see tips 1 {update often} and 2 {invest in a stain lifter} + a couple of outfits!

How have these tips affected how you think about wearing white?

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8 thoughts on “Style Tips: Wearing White

  1. Great tips! The white bra with white top mistake makes me scream! I don’t understand how that’s not more obvious to people!

  2. slips, tanks, and nude colored underbritches are the way to go!!

  3. Fabulous tips! I don’t own any white undergarments, only nude and colors. I wonder if that is why I haven’t had this issue. Now if you could solve my problem with wearing linens and how to make those not see through no matter what color I wear, that would be awesome!

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  5. i wear nude or none, but usually nude suffices.

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