Industry Insight: Pish Posh Polka Dots

Meet Jessica
from Pish Posh Polka Dots.

Jessica and I go waayyy back. Like high school back. Jessica is a full-time working girl and mommy to a very sweet little girl named Gianna who loves everything Hello Kitty right now.  Just check out this awesome birthday theme that Jessica created for Gianna!

I asked Jessica to introduce herself and how she got started with Pish Posh Polka Dots. Her response?

Always crafty and creative, I started posting some of my creations on Facebook. Much to my surprise, friends and family encouraged me to sell my creations on Etsy.  Within the first month, I was shocked at how many requests I had – the biggest surprise and awe were that the majority of the orders were from complete strangers.

You see, Jessica creates iPhone inserts. She  has fun designing them and enjoys seeing all of the color combinations that buyers request. Look at all the designs and colors in the examples below!

{Seriously, how adorable are these monogrammed iPhone inserts?}

To get to know Jessica and her shop even better, I asked her a few more questions. Listen {aka read} as she shares a little bit of her story. 🙂

1.  What made you decide to start Pish Posh Polka Dots? How do you stay motivated to create? 

I started making personalized items when my daughter, Gianna, was born in 2007 and Pish Posh Polka Dots was officially created in 2009. I made everything from custom embroidered items, purses, baby items to personalized ornaments and cups. Until now, I actually struggled to stay motivated. Every time I would look, someone else was selling a similar item and it was really difficult to stand out amongst the thousands of sellers on Etsy. I started selling the iPhone inserts on a fluke. I absolutely loved the idea of an personalized iPhone case but couldn’t stand the idea of spending $45 or more for multiple designs. So, I reached out to my good friend, Google, and searched and searched on how to make my own…frugal girls, like myself, DIY.  I found a couple of ideas that required using an Xacto knife. However, rather than risking cutting off a finger, I created a template and had my Cricut do the cutting for me!  I started posting my new creations on Facebook and with the encouragement from all my friends and family, I decided to open up shop on Etsy again!

2.  How would you describe your style? How do your pieces reflect your style? 

My style is very feminine and girly – anything with pink, ruffles and sparkles and I’m bound to love it! Add a monogram to it and it just makes it perfect!  I would place a monogram on everything if I could…it’s an addiction. I’m convinced that any southern raised girl suffers from a similar addiction. The iPhone inserts were perfect because I could match my phone to my outfit and know that my creation was one of a kind.  Not to mention, I cannot wait for football season to start so that I can sport my Auburn team spirit!

{War Eagle, Jess!}

3.  Which piece in your shop is currently your favorite?

The horizontal chevron is not only my favorite but definitely a top seller. It’s the pattern I’ve had to restock the most often in my Etsy shop.

4.  What’s the best compliment you and your shop have ever been given?

That’s a hard one. I read all the comments left from those that have purchased from my Etsy store and the comments on my facebook page and I beam with pride!  I love knowing that I’ve created an idea that’s unique in itself and that gives me a lot of pride in what I create and sell.

5.  Why would a SmartSavvyStyle reader fall in love with your pieces?

You can create something personalized that reflects your own personal style without breaking the bank. While the buyer does need to purchase their own case (I recommend the Griffin Reveal Case GB02356 that can be found on Amazon or at Best Buy) each insert is only $4 each or buy 3 get 1 free. You get a lot more options and for less money!!  What girl  doesn’t love saving a little money?!?!

{Plus, SmartSavvyStyle readers can get 20% off your order now through 11:59 p.m. EST on August 3rd, 2012! Just use the code SSS20!}

Here’s how the monogrammed iPhone insert works:

Thank you, Jessica, for joining me on the blog this week! I have been so excited to share your creations with my readers! Friends, if you have an iPhone, this is the monogrammed iPhone insert for you! Seriously!? How awesome are her designs! Now, go. Go check out her shop, her facebook, her twitter! Use the 20% coupon code {SSS20} and order a few inserts for yourself or as gifts for your friends and fam! Plus, come back on Thursday…for a special surprise!

Are you a monogram kinda gal?

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