All You Need is Animal Print

You know those days when all you can do is throw on some animal print?


Ok, maybe that’s just me.

But seriously! Some days, whether I’m running late, super busy, exhausted, or feeling uncreative, I know to stick to the basics.

Take this black tee for example. It’s a basic.

And jeans? Basic.

Brown sandals…again, basic.

The only thing adding some spice to this look? The animal print belt!

But, I think it still looks pulled together, so next time you are having one of those days, don’t forget the animal print!

What do you wear when you are having one of those days?

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11 thoughts on “All You Need is Animal Print

  1. I tend to throw on a sundress of some sort. It’s my way of tricking myself into feeling pretty.

  2. cute!! i need an animal print belt!

  3. That belt makes your outfit!

  4. My favorite way is in accessories

  5. My favorite way to wear is in accessories

  6. I love how you added the belt. Perfect way to add some animal print!


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