Outfit of the Day: Colorblocked

I can’t get enough of colorblocking. This is one trend that I predict won’t last forever, so I am living it up while I can.

This is one of my favorite colorblocked pieces. I love the royal blue and black combination. And the animal print pendant really pops against the top.  Are you a fan of colorblocking? What’s your favorite way to wear it?

P.S. I posted a yummy recipe over at Smart and Savvy {Food} Style, but the poor recipe doesn’t have a real name! Head on over to my facebook page to help me name it!

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7 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Colorblocked

  1. marionberrystyle on said:

    I’m also kinda obsessed with the color block trend. I hope it doesn’t go away anytime too soon…I might just have to not care and continue wearing it 🙂
    And can I just say that I LOVE your blooper posts?! They just crack me up cause we all know that the majority of our photos are a little off (or maybe it’s just mine?!)
    XO – Marion

    • Marion, I feel the same way! I hope it stays a good little while, but I just know it will be one of those trends that fades, only to reappear in 20 years! And I’m so glad that you enjoy the bloopers! You are welcome to share your bloopers over here on my blog any time! haha. Happy Tuesday!

  2. love that top, girl!!

  3. love color-blocking, too. and i love retro. so they work perfect together.

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