It’s Ok Thursday!

I don’t know about the weather where you are, but here in Chicago, I feel like we’re headed for fall! It’s a little bittersweet. I love the slightly cooler weather and the light breeze. But I also kinda feel like I’m not quite ready to give up summer dresses and flops.

Summer is filled with friends and food, with outdoor activities like yoga in the park. It starts to get a little less busy in fall as people begin preparing for winter. {or maybe that’s just me…it takes awhile for me to prepare for winter here.}

But realistically, it’s ok…

that another season is passing us by.

This just means new things are around the corner. After all, a season is not meant to be permanent.

And with a new season comes new clothes, or at least a revisit to clothes that haven’t been worn in a while. While I will be sad to see my summer clothes boxed up and put away, I am excited for my fall wardrobe…

and that’s ok.

A new, old wardrobe means some light shopping to update some basic pieces or add a few inexpensive trends. It means I can start the hunt for the pieces that I’m willing to splurge on and the pieces that I know to save on. And it’s ok…

if I don’t get every thing I want.

You see, while I love fashion and shopping and shoes, life’s too short to overspend on these things. I have bigger and better priorities in my life…

and that’s ok too!

I love knowing that this world is bigger than me. That my life is bigger than clothing. And I hope you know that yours is too. You are special, unique, and important. Be ok with that today!

What are you okay with?

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2 thoughts on “It’s Ok Thursday!

  1. elleseesyou on said:

    it’s okay I’m still scared of the dentist

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