Industry Insight: You’re a Hoot! Designs

Meet Misty

You’re a Hoot! Designs

{Photo Courtesy Synergy Photography}

What is You’re a Hoot! Designs?

In her own words…

You’re A Hoot! Designs is an online handmade boutique that carrys unique gift items for any occasion!  All items are handmade to ensure quality and we can also work with you on a custom order made to fit your personal style!  So fix yourself a glass of sweet tea, pull up a chair, and browse a bit…I promise you can stay as long as you like! 

I interviewed Misty about her passion for creating, running an online boutique, and serving her customers with fun, affordable, and adorable products!

1. How did you get your start as a small business owner? What/who inspired you?

I have always loved to create!  As a stay at home mom, I was always trying to come up with ways to have the cute boutique items that I could not afford…so I made them myself!  I always got lots of compliments on my handmade gifts, but never saw it as a business.  However, I found myself a homeschooling 2 kids and a newborn baby and feeling like I didn’t have an outlet to create and just be me!  I had seen other handmade items on etsy and thought “I could totally do that!”.  So after asking my husband to back me, he gave me $100, a kid-free afternoon at Michael’s, and a pep talk ( I love him).  The first day that I introduced my Sassy Camera Straps I sold 60!  Today, I have my online shop, website, FB page, and have my items in several stores in my local area. 🙂

I would have to say that my mother and father both inspired me.  Growing up, my Dad was the pastor of a small church.  The church alone did not provide enough income to provide for our family so he decided to open a mechanic shop out of back yard!  I remember him saying that as long as he was doing God’s work that He would provide the rest!  My Daddy raised our family out of the little shop for almost 30 years. 🙂  Not having a ton of extra money, my mother always came up with crafty ways to make our home beautiful.  She loved garage sales and second hand stores and never let a scratch or a dent keep her from creating something fantastic!

2. Running a business is hard work! How do you find time to balance your work with your family and other commitments?

Ooooh, this one I am still trying to figure out!  I have all 3 kids at home with me during the day, so I have to work mostly at night and during naptimes.   As much as I love “You’re A Hoot!” Designs, my family has to come first.  There will always be time in the future to grow my business, but I only have one opportunity to watch my kids grow.  I also am thankful that I have a very supportive husband who gives me those opportunities when I am in a pinch to get things done.

3. What has been the most rewarding part of You’re a Hoot?

The most rewarding part is definitely my customers!  I have had so many wonderful people build me up through this process and tell me how a piece of my work made someone smile or held a sweet memory for them…

4. What advice do you have for other women like you who dream of using their creativity to start a business?

I would have to say to never lose your passion for creating!  Sometimes when starting a business you want to please so many that you lose the very reason that you started your business, because you love it!  Know your limits and don’t take on more than you can do well! 

5. How are your customers and SmartSavvyStyle readers similar? Which piece(s) do you think readers will be the most excited about?

I think they both want to leave saying “Wow, that is so me!”  We all want to the clothes, make-up, or accessory that shows our personality!  I Hope your readers will love my You’re A Hoot! Rosette hair accessories…they can be worn to dress up messy second day hair or added to a really special hair style just to add some color and texture!  I also hope they will love the Precious Stones Collection…I incorporate photos, beads, and metal to create a piece of jewelry that I hope will become a keepsake!

{Want to know something really funny? Misty is a friend of a friend, and the girl in this photo keychain above? Yeah, I know her. And by know her, I mean, I lurrrrve her. She is such a sweet, sweet friend, and this picture of her on her wedding day makes me so, so happy. I’m quite sure Misty didn’t plan it this way, but these little connections in life just make my heart smile!}

Guess what? This post is not a one-time deal! Misty generously sent me one of her adorable products to style on the blog (thanks, Misty!). If you come back tomorrow, you can see what she sent me and how I styled it. Plus, Misty is here through Thursday! So keep coming back for more information about her pieces. You never know, you might even get a chance to win one! 😉

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