Fall Style Tip: Invest

Last week, I shared with you some of the fall fashion trends that I love. As fall sets in, you may get the itch to go shopping. I know I do. So, this week, I want us to talk about when to invest, when to splurge, and when to save.

Today, we are going to focus on when to invest.

One trend I’ve seen a lot of this season is leather. Now, I love a good deal, but leather is one place I find it worth it to invest. Nothing beats a soft, rich leather piece.

But which piece should you buy?

Leather jackets, skirts, shoes. Leather embellishments. They are all beautiful pieces. I think the key is deciding which piece you will get your money’s worth out of. For me, I love a good shoe, so investing in leather shoes is a no-brainer.

But, I also love the idea of a leather skirt. But will I really wear a leather skirt enough to get my money’s worth? Probably not. That’s why I think if I end up with a leather skirt, it will be a simple skirt with leather embellishments. This will cut down on the price while giving me a cute, trendy piece for fall.

Will you be investing in leather {or another fall trend}? How will you decide which pieces to invest in?


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