Fall Style Tip: Save

This week, I’ve shared with you some options for investing and splurging on the fall fashion trends, and while that information is good to consider, I know that ultimately, we all want to save money. Why else would you read the smart and savvy style blog, right? So today, it’s all about the savings.

One fall fashion trend that I plan to save my money on is the retro trend. I think the pieces are adorable, but personally, I think they are destined for a short life. Add these pieces to your closet, but find ways to save. Hit up your local thrift stores. Search ebay and other online auctions. Shop the sale racks. Use your coupons or gift cards. It’s absolutely a fun idea to buy and enjoy these pieces while they last, but it’s an even better idea when they don’t cost you a pretty penny!

Will you be saving your money on the retro style? How will you decide if you are getting a good deal?


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4 thoughts on “Fall Style Tip: Save

  1. trends i buy cheaply (like f21) and staples i spend the moola, since they’re an investment

  2. did you get my comment? argh wordpress

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