One Piece, Three Ways: Spotted Scarf

This week, I’m showing you how to tie this 1 spotted scarf 3 different ways! Yesterday, I showed you the DIY infinity look. What did you think? Have you ever styled your scarf that way?

Today, I’m showing you yet another way to tie this same spotted scarf!

Today’s style: Under/Over

{Note: These scarf tie approaches may have official names, but I don’t know them. That’s why I’m introducing you to my own personal titles that might or might not be made up.}

Hold the scarf at the ends, creating a loop on the opposite side. Wrap around your neck with ends in one hand and loop in the other. Pull one end through the loop from underneath. Pull the other end through the loop from over the top. Voila!

Come back tomorrow for another way to tie your scarf!

What’s your favorite way to wear a scarf?

{Note: As brilliant as I am, I did not create any of these scarf tying methods. I simply convinced the hubs to take lots of pictures of me tying this scarf so I could share them with you!}


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