The Future’s Looking Bright

A few weeks ago, my Fendi sunglasses bit the dust. I have had them for yeeeaars. Seriously, years. So while I was a little sad to see them go, I was also excited about buying a new pair.

That said, I’m really particular about my sunglasses.


They have to fit well. Obvi. Who wants loose sunglasses that slide off your face? Or sunglasses so tight you get a headache from wearing them instead of the sun?

I also have to be able to push them up into my hair at a moment’s notice. No pesky nose pieces for me!

And, they have to pretty much cover all or none of my eyebrows. Weird, I know. It’s just a thing.

So needless to say, when I shop for sunglasses, I spend a lot of time trying them on…

But, I think I found the perfect pair! They are cute and a little bit dorky, which I love. Plus, they only cost about $40, so if they go terribly out of style, I won’t feel bad about replacing them in the future.

IMG_2149 - Copy

Yep, my future’s looking bright!

What specific characteristics do you look for in sunglasses?

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2 thoughts on “The Future’s Looking Bright

  1. Those are really cute! Wait, why are they dorky? If I don’t know does that make me a dork?

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