When to Shop in the Juniors’ Department

Do you ever shop in the juniors’ department at stores? I generally don’t. Mostly because it makes me a bad person. Seriously. I walk in the that department and see what other women are wearing and am almost instantly judgmental. Don’t you own a mirror? Don’t you know that shirt is not a dress? Did you really leave the house in that? Yes. Yes, you did.

So, I generally avoid the juniors’ department.

But recently, I made an exception.

IMG_2197 - Copy

You see, I was the last person – read THE LAST person – on earth to buy a chambray shirt. I love, love the trend, but I had a hard time finding one at first. Every time I found one in a shade I liked, I couldn’t convince my cheap self to pay the hefty price tag. And when I found one with a reasonable price? I couldn’t find my size. I checked in stores. I shopped online. I all but sewed it myself!

{insert tiny violin here.}

After Christmas, I decided it was MY time. I hit a local department store and cautiously made my way into the juniors’. I think I picked up the first chambray shirt I saw and ran back to the women’s section to look at it.

It was different. Not what I first had in mind.

IMG_2198 - Copy

But slowly, I fell in love with it…and its price tag.

So while I don’t often shop in the juniors’, I say when you need something for a low price {who knows how long it will stay in style} and when it is widely available {i.e., super trendy} and when it can be picked up without sacrificing your sanity {see above judgmental confession}, browse the juniors’. But do it quickly.

What do you typically shop for in the juniors’ department?

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6 thoughts on “When to Shop in the Juniors’ Department

  1. Ari @ Creatively Sassy on said:

    I have an issue with juniors clothing too…but it’s more me telling myself to grow up & realizing juniors clothes just don’t work anymore for me but I will still shop for things like tank tops, t shirts stuff like that in the juniors section.

    Great post!

    • True, I also think there is a certain age where we fit somewhere in between juniors’ and women’s, and it’s hard to decide where to shop. And obviously, there are always still a few good items in the juniors’ even when we progress past that age. Tank tops and tees are a good example of that!

  2. The lace on the back of that one is really fun! I typically hit up the junior’s department at Nordstrom Rack for items just like this. Trendy but not too expensive.

    • The lace definitely grew on me. At first, I wasn’t so sure because it wasn’t what I had in mind, but now I love it. Nordstrom Rack is a great example of a place to shop for trendy items in the juniors’. It’s for sure a win win!

  3. Oh I like the lace detailing on that shirt! So different and fun.

    I tend to show anywhere I find clothes I like, that fit. Junior’s, women’s, plus size… heck I’ve even ventured into the boy’s department recently! For me, it’s more about fit than anything (ok, well, price definitely factors in too), and if something fits, I don’t really care what department it’s from.

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