Serving Others through Blogging

Do you know my fellow blogger Molly from Still Being Molly? Well, she’s here today to talk about serving others through blogging. This is something close to my heart. I always want this blog to meet a need. Otherwise, what’s the point? Molly is a perfect example of using her blog to reach others, so I’m thrilled she wrote today’s post!

When I first started blogging, I did it because I love to write, I love to be creative, and I love to share my life with people.

Little did I know that as I grew (both personally and as a blogger) that eventually I would find myself in a position – a position where I could either continue doing the same old thing OR I could use my blog as a platform, or soapbox if you will, to share about the causes that I’m most passionate about. 

I’m crazy passionate about serving. Both my community locally and internationally. 
I volunteer once a week at a maximum security prison for women – and I talk about that on my blog.
I lead worship at my church – and I talk about that on my blog.
My mom was a Vietnam veteran who died many years after the war – and I share about her struggles and the effort to help our veterans today – all on my blog.
And I go on an annual mission trip to Kiria, Kenya – and I share about the entire experience on my blog. In fact, all of my blog sponsorship dollars went straight to that trip this year.

DSC_0132This isn’t about creating a virtual resume of my community service, it’s about sharing my passion with my readers. It’s about showing people that YES, you can love fashion and beauty and totally “materialistic” things AND love and serve your community.
It’s really about finding that thing that tugs at your heart strings and shouting from the rooftops (aka through a blog post) why you care about it. Thus, ultimately getting other people to care about it, too. Or, heck, getting them to think for a moment about what THEY might care about.
I think these days many of us place too much weight on our political leadership to change the world. The fact is, changing the world starts with you and me and can spead like wildfire.
For real.
When one person stands up for their passion, it becomes contagious. And the next thing you know, 20 people, 400 people, 100,000 people are standing up for their collective passions and all of a sudden change is happening.
When it all started with one. One blog post. One person. One passion. 
That’s my goal. While I love fashion and beauty and making people laugh – I ultimately want to inspire people to be passionate about SOMETHING. ANYTHING. And then take that passion and make a change for the better in their community.
What are you most passionate about?

Molly is an excellent blogger, and it’s definitely worth your time to check her out if you haven’t already.

You can also find Still Being Molly on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Monday, friends!

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4 thoughts on “Serving Others through Blogging

  1. thank you SO much for having me, heather! you are wonderful!

  2. Hmm… definitely some food for thought here. Thanks, both to you and Molly, for giving me something to think about in terms of blogging for a better me and better world.

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