Smart and Savvy Buys

I recently went on a shopping trip with a sweet friend. She asked me several questions like how much I spend on clothes, how I find such good deals, etc. After our afternoon out, I started thinking about my shopping strategy. It’s pretty straightforward. I shop on sale and clearance racks. Oh, and I’m cheap.

It’s true, folks. I’m cheap, but I have expensive taste. That leaves me only one real option: sale racks. I rarely, if ever, venture out from them. And it works for me.

For example, during this shopping trip, I saved approximately $165.

I spent $40.


Left to right: LOFT striped sweater ($19.99), The Limited skirt ($17.99), The Limited royal blue blouse ($8.99), The Limited gray long sleeve tee ($5.99), and The Limited gray cami ($4.19).

Plus, I had a gift card for $16.38 at The Limited. Hence, the $40 price tag (tax not included).

So, I’ll be honest. Shopping recaps aren’t my favorite blog posts to read (sorry, ladies, I still love you!), but a lot of bloggers post them…so there must be some interest out there. You tell me…do you like shopping summaries like this one? Would you like to see more of them? Or do you prefer outfit posts? Let me know because I want to write things that you enjoy reading!

How do you find good deals?

Linking up with Molly from Still Being [Molly] and Carly from Lipgloss and Crayons for YOLO Monday!

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20 thoughts on “Smart and Savvy Buys

  1. Hello,
    I saw your blog on YOLO. Yes I love shopping summaries esp. when they highlight bargains. That skirt is really nice. Would love to see how you style it!

  2. I”m cheap too! I love seeing shopping recaps like this – you got a deal and to me that is way better than spending tons of money on clothes 🙂
    I only shop sale + clearance racks and bonus if I have a coupon too haha.

    Stopping by from the YOLO MONDAY link up!
    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

  3. I kinda like the shopping recaps…not all the time but every once in awhile! I do a participate in a monthly budgeting recap for what I spend on clothes over at and I’ve found it to be a really good exercise! You got some great deals girl! Jealous!

  4. I enjoy reading them! You got some great pieces for a good price! I also link up every month with Franish and like reading through everyone’s purchases. 🙂

    • Carly, so funny that everyone participates in that link up! What do you enjoy most about these types of posts?

      • I don’t know why, but I do like seeing how others spend their money and seeing what they purchase. I especially love seeing other people’s bargains like yours above. I am very frugal and really never purchase anything full price if I can help it!

      • Carly, same here. I enjoy finding a good deal and try to avoid paying full price! Let me know if you find any good deals now that seasons are changing in stores!

  5. I like seeing the recaps too, like the idea of prices and that you are able to dress so cute on a budget. I’m always struggling with what to buy and finding decent prices.

    • I love a good deal, so that part of it, I definitely enjoy! I think “struggling” to find the right items at the right prices is part of the journey, and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just being aware of what you’re willing to spend on what is half the battle. If you’re uncomfortable with the price tag, don’t buy it – no matter how much you love it. That works both ways too. No matter how good of a deal it is, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. That’s just more money left for something else you do love! 🙂 If you want any specific advice, please feel free to email me: hbur3234 at gmail dot com.

      • Here’s a question, where do you like to shop in Chicago? Are there better days to shop? I read a couple of other Chicago fashion blogs, they dress beautifully, but they shop very high end. My sweets and I are employed in public ed, small paychecks but lots of love ;). We are only a few hours away from Chicago and visit a couple times a year. When I’m there though, I am so overwhelmed with all the different shops that I never find much! Thoughts?

      • Great questions! I usually avoid downtown shopping other than the occasional stop at Nordstrom Rack on State St. I really like Old Orchard in Skokie and any TJ Maxx I can find. I’m also a big fan of outlet shopping. Have you ever stopped through Aurora or another outlet area on your way in or out of Chicago?

        As far as when to shop, the day after Christmas and end-of-season sales tend to be the best times for deals. At least in my experience.

        Also don’t discount online shopping. I always find good deals on Belk’s website. They are a southern department store so there isn’t one nearby. I try to check out their deals every now and then.

        Hope this helps! I’m happy to share any other info you may want/need!

  6. lifeasmrsburnett on said:

    I love sales! I like recaps too! Great job on the savings! Absolutely adore that stripe sweater! 🙂

  7. mollypg on said:

    I guess I’m in the minority…I like outfit posts MUCH better. But congrats on the great deals!

  8. I love to see more shopping recaps like this. I still can’t believe you only spent $40 on those clothes. You are an expert!

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