Blogger of the Month: Librarian for Life and Style

How is it already March?? Phew! Crazy how time flies! Oh well, as long as it is another month, we might as well celebrate with another blogger! As you may know, I like to feature a different blogger each month. This month, I’d like to introduce you to…

Jen from Librarian for Life and Style


Jen is a book-loving librarian on a personal style journey, and she’s invited us all along for the ride! To help you get to know Jen and her blog Librarian for Life and Style, I’ve asked her to share more about herself through a few specific questions.
1. What is the biggest stereotype of librarians and how, if at all, has that impacted your blog?
Such an interesting question! I see my style blog as an opportunity to explore my personal style. I am a working woman, an academic professional, and I’m on a budget. The title, “Librarian for Life and Style,” is a play off my personal blog, Librarian for Life. I’m a second-generation librarian (my mom is a school librarian), so I am literally a librarian for life. Truth in advertising! I also have a blog about librarians in film called Reel Librarians, which goes deeper into the issues of librarian stereotypes and popular culture. Long story short, I’ve thought about these kinds of question a lot!
I could go on for days about librarian stereotypes, but style-wise, I’ll focus on two main images:  the one of librarians as older women who have no sense of style and wear schlumpy clothes, and the contrasting, younger “sexy librarian”. Those are two extremes, so there’s a LOT of middle ground in real life. I would agree that there is always a personal awareness that I am representing my profession in everything I do, with every interaction I have with students and colleagues. That is definitely a factor in how I choose to present myself, style-wise. I dress more professionally and put-together, in part to reflect well on my chosen field. But I also like to highlight my more casual work outfits on my style blog — I believe in “casual Fridays,” whenever I am able to take advantage of it! — and my “off-duty” outfits, as well, to present a well-balanced view into a real-life librarian’s style.
2. How does your career as a librarian impact your style?
As a librarian, my workday is so varied; there’s no “typical” day for me. I could be teaching, presenting, attending meetings, compiling reports or curriculum planning in my office, or up and about helping students at the Reference Desk — all on the same day! So it’s important to be comfortable at all times, especially when it comes to footwear. I start every day by thinking about what activities I have planned that day, and that means starting with the shoes. Because I work in a college environment, I’m around students of all ages, so I find it important to “dress up” more often in order to distinguish myself as a professional. 
And l’m a librarian, so that means I love cardigans! 😉 
3. If you could coin a catchphrase for your personal style, what would it be?
Comfy and classic with a bit of quirk.
4. What do you hope readers learn from your blog?
That librarians can be stylish! And that we often put a lot of thought into what we wear (there is always a reason with a librarian!), and we highly value individuality. We’re all about choice and access, and that is reflected in our sartorial variety, as well. 
5. Where do you see your style and/or blog in 5 years?
Honestly, I have no idea. I’ve been blogging about my personal style for almost a year now, and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve started out slow, because I work full-time, so I’m excited to see where this goes. I hope y’all will come along with me for the journey! 🙂
Want to know more about this librarian’s life and style? Head on over to her blog and check it out!
Librarian for Life and Style is also on Facebook and Pinterest.

All pictures courtesy of Librarian for Life and Style

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