Smart and Savvy Buys: March 2013

D is for Deals

Last month, I posted some of my smart and savvy buys and asked if you liked that type of post. Well, the readers have spoken. Most of you voted yes! So, today’s post is dedicated to a couple of smart and savvy buys from March.

I received a big box of goodies from my mom in March, so I didn’t really spend much money on clothes or accessories. Here are a couple of my best deals:


Polka dot bracelet: on clearance for $4.48 at Target


Neon workout shirt: on clearance for $3.88 at Target

I also spent some money on a few home decor pieces. I’m trying to perfect my coffee station. But that’s really about it!

How much did you spend in March?
Any awesome deals you want to share?

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Not your kind of post? That’s okay!
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8 thoughts on “Smart and Savvy Buys: March 2013

  1. Awesome clearance finds girl! I was really proud of my March budget- got a lot of essential/versatile pieces and stayed under budget- woo hoo!

  2. DANG! I got one of these tops at Target for $9 and thought I hit it at rock bottom. Nicely done. I’m a little jealous (and curious if there are more…).

    • So, a) I think Target does price adjustments for 2 weeks (maybe?) so find your receipt! b) the Target by me had a couple of orange and 1 neon pink! It may be worth a shot to go back and see if there are any left! Have you used yours yet? How did it work?

  3. Love them both. I love shopping during sales too. It is a scavenger hunt of sorts. The best I’ve picked is books, casuals and shoes.

  4. I love that Target bracelet. They always have good finds!

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