3 Shoe Styles I’m Loving Now

H is for Heels

It’s no secret – I have a shoe obsession. I love shoes! So for today’s A to Z challenge post, I decided H had to be for heels!

I chose a few of my favorite heels for this post. I wanted to show different styles, so I chose a classic pump, a formal open-toe platform, and a casual wedge.


Want to know a secret? The heels in the middle are actually the shoes I got married in. Hello, something blue!

Do you have a favorite pair of heels? Tell me about them!

personal shopping: shoes I’m currently eyeing!

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2 thoughts on “3 Shoe Styles I’m Loving Now

  1. I love heels, but I look like a complete idiot trying to walk in them. Maybe one day I’ll get it down….

    Ruby is participating in the A to Z Challenge
    Ruby Wilbur

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