Healthy Cookie Fail

Maybe fail is a bit harsh… Last weekend, I made this healthy cookie recipe that I found on Pinterest. It seemed super easy, quick, and tasty. And after realizing that I have never actually made any of the gazillion Pinterest recipes I’ve pinned, I decided to give this one a try. Banana Oat Cookies 1 Banana Oat Cookies 2 A little bit of prep work and a short bake later, I pulled the cookies out of the oven excited to taste them. But my excitement had to wait. My husband wasn’t home, and I wanted to wait on him… you know, in case they were like crack. Banana Oat Cookies 3

{see my sister-in-law Allison’s hilarious response to
this picture on Facebook here!}

Needless to say, these cookies were not addictive. But here’s the thing: it’s all about expectations. If you expected a cookie? It wasn’t great. But if you expected something more like bite-sized banana bread? Totally doable.

Pinterest: 1, Heather: 0

{to see more recipes I’ve pinned, click here.}

Have you ever experienced a recipe fail? Or am I the only one?

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6 thoughts on “Healthy Cookie Fail

  1. Oh, man, I’ve failed at so many recipes I’ve pinned. Including these cookies. I agree that they are not cookies. More like the tops of muffins. Which aren’t bad, but not great when you’re expecting something else.

  2. I’ve made a few recipes from pinterest and not a single one has turned out to be the greatest, life changing recipe that they claim! Bummer! Maybe I’m choosing the wrong ones?

    • Oh no! Which recipes have you tried?

      • Well, I just did the Starbucks frapacino (spelling is totally off, ha) in a bottle thing, not even close! I made a tortellini sausage crockpot one and it was so bland and mushy, the picture looked awesome! Tonight is orange chicken, which actually tastes alright but is definitely not orange chicken. I have a few more I’m trying this week, hoping for one win 😉

      • that’s too bad! I hope the new recipes turn out better than the previous ones!

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