Ice Cold

In my recent efforts to make my millions of Pinterest recipes, I decided to try the lemon mint cucumber water I pinned. I actually tried this detox water some time last year, but I didn’t realize that a) it was a thing or b) it’s detox water.

You see, it all started when I saw an episode of Dr. Oz (seriously? you ask. yes, yes, I know.). But Dr. Oz mentioned that lemon and peppermint were excellent for your belly. So, last year I made lemon and mint ice cubes, and one random day, I had cucumbers on hand, so I added them to my lemon mint water.

That brings me to this year when I saw the detox water on Pinterest. I pinned it immediately and have since made the concoction for me and Mr. Smart and Savvy.

Instead of mixing all of the ingredients together, I actually made lemon and mint ice cubes. So, all I had to do was pour my water over my glass of ice (several regular ice cubes + 1 lemon mint ice cube) and add a few cucumber slides.

lemon mint

lemon mint cucumber 1

It was nice, cool, and refreshing. In fact, I think I’ll have a glass now.

Happy football season, and happy Labor Day weekend! What fun plans do you have?

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